The Community Backstory

Aug 22, 2019

With the launch of HR for HR, one question frequently comes up. Why would Lumity sponsor this? So we wanted to share how the community came about.

Why did we do this?

As a benefits and HR tech advisor, we have a lot of conversations with HR professionals. And we’re often asked for guidance outside of our area of expertise. While we’re always happy to facilitate an introduction to an HR professional who has faced a similar challenge, we’re not always able to make an ideal match.

That’s because HR pros want to talk to companies “just like them” (by industry, size, location, or situation)—someone who has absolutely been there, done that.

Our desire to be of service to HR professionals, to those who work passionately to take care of others, is what sparked the idea for HR for HR. Last year, as we were planning our marketing strategy for 2019, this idea took hold of us:

Instead of spending on advertising, what if we built something of value for the HR professionals we serve and love?

It seemed like a natural expansion of our role as agnostic advisors in HR tech and benefits. We could enable HR professionals to tap into subject matter experts; and, do so in a way that would benefit the broader HR community.

The vision for the community began to take shape: to be a safe space for those in HR roles and recruiting functions to make connections, support each other, and grow their careers.

What we heard from HR pros...

As a next step, we asked HR professionals what they wish they had in a community and about the pros/cons of the communities they already belonged to. From the start, the “must-have” features were driven by HR professionals:

  • Be free (check)
  • Make it super easy to find members, find a mentor, be a mentor, and make new friends (check)
  • Not be overrun with marketing noise like LinkedIn groups (check)
  • Have a company directory, so I can find HR pros who work at companies like mine (size/geo/industry) (check)
  • Have a jobs board! (check)
  • Allow me to use a non-work email address. I don’t want to be cut off from my community when I’m between jobs (check)
  • Have organized information/access to resources (check)
  • Have an events calendar—one where I could see who else is going (check)

Why Hivebrite?

We selected the Hivebrite platform because it best met the core criteria expressed by the HR professionals we surveyed. No platform is perfect, but this one has unique features tuned for making meaningful connections. It's easy to find members by role, passions, company—and location. So you can take conversations offline.

It has its limitations, but the good far outweighed the meh. For instance, the "Resources" section doesn't allow member upload, and that's disappointing. Hivebrite has told us that restructuring that section is on their roadmap, and we'll keep you posted. In the near-term, it seems like the best use for that section is to provide links to your favorite podcasts... favorite HR blogs... 

What's next? 

What this community becomes is in your hands—and the hands of our steering advisory committee. The foundation has been built, and the seed has been planted. And, now, we’re just as curious as you are to see what happens next. It’s our hope this community will flourish and bloom.

If you’d like to be even more involved (contribute an article, become a contact for a topic, etc.), email You can share your thoughts and vision directly in the community or privately in the community feedback survey. This survey will remain active, and your feedback will continue to drive improvements and new features.

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