Member Spotlight: Jacqueline Adorno

Sep 15, 2019

By Jacqueline Adorno

I'm the Director of Human Resources at Savvy Intrapreneur, Inc. My job is to ensure human resources programs and initiatives are effective, efficient, and aligned to overall business objectives. I am also responsible for aligning HR strategies that support forecasting staffing needs, mitigating risk, structuring total rewards packages, protecting and maintaining employee records and information, managing budgets, designing accountability mechanisms, and overseeing overall employment needs.

What Led Me Into HR

My lifelong calling has been to serve humanity. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a cardiologist. My family and friends fortified my dreams by providing me with toys and books related to medicine and surgical knots, while also encouraging me to go to school to pursue higher education goals. Medicine would have been my career of choice if it were not for the fact that detaching emotionally proved to be challenging. Early on I realized medicine was engendering mixed emotions, and subsequently created discomfort. At that time, I needed to reassess and consider a different path connected to people and the pursuit of their dreams.

My first job was in financial services. Working for a global employer provided me with the opportunity to transfer to various departments within the company, acquire varied work experience, and understand how each department impacted the organization’s bottom line.

It was in the field of human resources where I had an epiphany. I decided to further develop my passion in an area that impacts the most significant investment of the organization: employees.

Human Resource management is a critical partner and a driver in the development and deployment of a company’s strategy involving, but not limited to numerous areas, including employee-centered activities and information, as well as, budget control, brand management, and business sustainability. Moreover, HR professionals are expected to have honed expertise, steadfast principles and credentials in specialty areas, such as recruitment, retention, compensation and benefits, as well as, labor relations, talent development, HR metrics, immigration, and human resources information services.

I developed a passion for diversity and inclusion. Globally organizations are facing many issues requiring that HR professionals have the knowledge and understanding of changing ethical standards as it relates to technology and communications infrastructure, inter-cultural teams’ structure, as well as, diversity and labor efficiency. My educational journey and my passion for service have allowed me to make substantial contributions to the field of advanced human resources, to positively impact lives, and hopefully make a part of the world a better place.

I have been able to nourish, influence and collaborate with the most valuable asset in the world: people diligently working to make a difference in their communities.

My Hopes Regarding HR for HR

I am 100% behind the mission and the vision of HR for HR. I believe this community has a great future for leaders and professionals in love with the world of HR. I am passionate about supporting and empowering HR leaders and women's economic freedom globally. I believe that there is work for us to do in terms of our commitment, our own messaging, and in lifting others to achieve individual success.

We need to serve more HR professionals and we need members committed to supporting HR for HR.

I have the energy, passion, and commitment to do this work, I welcome each and every member committed to expanding their HR knowledge and contributing to the growth of this Community.

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