April LoebickBy April Loebick

I am the Recruitment & Retention Specialist for GetUWired, an internet marketing firm located in Dahlonega (Duh-lawn-uh-guh), GA – about an hour and a half north of Atlanta. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency with a team of 45 web developers, graphic designers, marketers, copywriters, and more who are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed all from our large cabin office in the middle of nowhere.

On a more personal note, I’m an avid, yet mild outdoor adventurer. I enjoy day hiking, calm water kayaking, and outdoor yoga. I live in a cabin in the woods with my husband and three corgis (Scotch, Twinkie, & Beans).

My Path into HR

Like most folks, I didn’t plan on a career in the Human Resources field. With thoughts of being an English teacher, I obtained a BA in English Literature. I quickly realized that being a teacher would mean I would have to spend all day with teenagers, which probably wouldn’t make for a happy April. During my last few semesters at North Georgia College and State University (Now the University of North Georgia), I interned with the University Press and that transitioned into a full-time job after graduation. I was the managing editor there for a few years, but working in academia wasn’t for me. I had a friend approach me, saying she was looking for an office assistant at her job, I jumped on the opportunity (more pay, less stress? Yes please!).

So a whirlwind couple days later, I was the Administrative Coordinator for GetUWired. Over the last five years the company has grown by leaps, and bounds and bit by bit my work shifted from day-to-day administrative duties to almost exclusively human resources related functions. At the end of August this year, my title officially changed to Recruitment & Retention Specialist. I love my job and consider myself a steward of our company’s (award-winning) culture that we call “CabinPunk.”

I am primarily self-taught, taking in any culture, branding, HR, leadership or etc webinar, seminar, whitepaper, podcast (Thanks, @Nate Randall!), blog, or whatever other resource I can get my hands on to further my knowledge.

Hope for the HR for HR Community

I hope to see this community take off, thrive, and be a resource to any HR professional, from the beginners to the old guard, from teeny businesses to huge enterprises, from small mountain towns to big cities. Even something as simple as being a place we can go to chitchat about issues, trends, or share funny/wild stories. I see this community being a huge asset to people like me, the HR of One, so that we have somewhere to go to when we’re feeling stuck or alone.

Conversation Starter

What’s something that you or someone else has implemented in your company to help share culture and community among virtual/remote employees?

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