Member Spotlight: Kim Korte

Nov 01, 2019

kimBy Kim Korte

I am a serial entrepreneur. Once I got a taste of it, I was hooked. I have led several professional lives – accounting in real estate organizations, consultant, trainer, system implementor, project manager and sales. I also owned/operated a chiropractic office and a running shoe store with my ex-husband.

I have always taken the path that led to the most money, but now I am taking the path that fulfills my passion and humanity. My journey started after a painful divorce which led to my book. As can happen with any journey, I went down a path I never expected. After I read the book, How Emotions Are Made – The Secret Life of the Brain, my whole life – coaching or otherwise – changed. Then I added my brain health coach certification, along with other research and books, to develop the framework I now teach, The Resilience Recipe – a Framework for Becoming a Master Emotion Chef.

What led me into HR consulting 

One-on-one coach is great, but I desired something different. I want to reach more people to share what I believe it a simpler way to develop emotional intelligence. I soon realized that the people who could benefit the most from my program (it’s most simplified version) are the people who can’t afford it or may not have access to find out about it. I can’t afford to give it away for free (unless I win the lotto).

So, I devised my master plan to create a demand for my course in the corporate world – thus my focus on HR and better understanding the challenges and needs in the workplace. Once the demand was there, to partner with the companies that hire me to sponsor a local community group or not-for-profit so that those they serve could benefit from my course. Seemed like a win-win-win.

Yes, quite lofty, but then again you haven’t met me yet.

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