Alissa PenneyBy Alissa Penney

I’m the Owner of/HR Consultant with A Better HR, LLC, an HR consultation company focused on helping small, thinly stretched HR teams do Better work.​ It’s what gets me excited about work! I founded the company in mid-2019 in response to what I felt was a gap for HR professionals working in small teams or departments of one when it comes to consultation resources. The possibility of helping HR teams achieve their best work is what motivates me each day and keeps me passionate about finding innovative and effective ways to make great HR happen.

I’m a huge data and company culture nerd so feel free to connect with me if those are passion spots for you too! You can connect with me on LinkedIn or via email at

My Path into HR

I got into HR the way most people do - by accident. While studying for my MBA, I got an internship with a manufacturing company working as an HR Co-Op/Intern and loved it. I had originally thought I would go into Marketing or possibly PR but quickly realized the positive impact I could have for employees as an HR professional. Every role I’ve worked since then has only further solidified my choice to stay in the HR career field.

Hope for the HR for HR Community

My goal with every HR space that I enter is to add value through knowledge sharing and interacting with other HR professionals. My hope for the HR for HR community is that we can all continue to share and benefit from our interactions with each other. Of course, I hope that you find the posts I make to be of value to you too! 

I’m always open for article suggestions, so feel free to shoot any questions or comments my way!

Conversation Starter

For me, it was using data to analyze the sales force at a hydraulics manufacturing company to identify potential outliers. This has been an especially impactful memory for me because it really pushed me skills-wise early on in my HR career and deepened my love for how data can effectively identify potential problems and lead organizations to actionable resolutions.

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