COVID-19: Policies, Planning, and Communication Templates

By Tracy Hill

We are likely in for a long, hard slog, HR friends. With little likelihood of vaccine availability at scale for 12-18 months, our best recourse is to put company policies in place—immediately—to protect our people and communities. 

In the spirit of helping the broader community, I'm sharing the COVID-19 policy communication templates and FAQs (.zip) Lumity distributed to our clients. Please modify these templates with the information and policies that you feel are right for your business.

If you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest you engage your leadership and make necessary policy changes. Here are the points to stress:

  • COVID-19 is already an issue for travelers.
  • It may become an issue locally.
  • If it does, it's likely to spread to our employees.
  • Employees are worried. A policy will help ease their stress.
  • We need to be ready to go 100% remote—and have a business continuity plan in place in case critical teams are out of commission.

Resources to help you get a jump on this:

Be well out there, all.  


About the Author

Tracy Hill is an Employee Benefits Communication Strategist at Lumity. Her days are spent crafting materials to help employees understand their health plan options. She taps into 17+ years of marketing experience at high tech companies where she focused on explaining complicated systems in layperson terms, and now she applies her communication skills to unraveling the mysteries of health insurance. She's also a community steward and steering committee member of the HR for HR online community. 

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