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Another Monday overview of recent legislation actions in the U.S. House and Senate! There were a lot of items on the voting docket last week, and a few of them have HR impact. If you ever want to see a full listing of what's happening and when, take a look at the Gov Tracker page:

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Onto last week's important actions! Some of the laws, acts, and resolutions with new actions on them last week are:

H.R. 4852: GIVE Act, act aimed at providing better information about post-secondary education resources to veterans. This act has PASSED the House and is moving on for a Senate vote. As of right now, it has a low probability of passing, so if you're passionate about this one now is the time to reach out to your Senators!

H.R. 561: Protecting Business Opportunities for Veterans act of 2019, act aimed at assisting disabled, veteran small business owners. This act has PASSED the House and is moving on for a Senate vote. This act has a high probability of passing (estimated at 92%!) so keep an eye out for more updates!

H.R. 1896: Restoring Investment in Improvements Act, would correct an error made in 2017 that accidentally included small local stores, restaurants, and businesses in the "non-residential real-estate" facilities category for tax purposes. The correction would allow small businesses to write off facility upgrades on their taxes immediately instead of on a 39 year timeline per the original wording. This does have an HR impact since it will help increase budgets for small, local businesses and could have a positive impact on headcount for applicable locations! This act is up for review in 2020 and has a high probability of being corrected due to its high number of bipartisan sponsors.

H.R. 1140: Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act of 2020, amendments to the original Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act that would apply the personnel system under title 5 of the U.S. Code to TSA workers. This amendment could assist HR professionals with staffing and retention strategies, which is one of this act's goals. The amendments are up for review potentially this week, so hopefully there will be more on this next Monday!

There are always more, so keep an eye out for more news next week!

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