Personal Cybersecurity: Fresh Idea for Employee Perks

By Emily Carrion, CMO of Rubica Cybersecurity

Working remotely has shifted from a perk of the job and benefit to the employee to something that has become essential for most businesses to survive. As team managers and human resource departments figure out how to keep current employees happy while still attracting a new workforce, here are some insights on how cybersecurity can be a solution to appeal to both parties.

Remote work: A gift & a curse

Even prior to the pandemic, remote work was gaining traction. It helped all sorts of businesses widen their net of talented new hires and gave many employees more flexibility to how they work. From working remote a day a week to full-time remote work, several studies have shown the positive effects of virtual work as well with higher job satisfaction for employees, greater longevity in employee roles, lower overhead for businesses and so much more.

With COVID-19 expediting how remote work is conducted, both employers and employees are left to figure out what is next. With an estimated 42% of workers clocking in virtually, working remotely is no longer an advantage, it is now the new norm for many industries.

However, as remote work continues to rapidly adjust to the current times, business owners, executives, CISOs, IT departments, and human resources are left trying to figure out how to help their teams adjust. Remote work is not just a benefit, it also increases the security risks for businesses and their teams as cybercriminals shift focus to target remote workers.

How cybersecurity can add value to your team and business

So, how can businesses & employees get support when working remotely? And what kind of support do they need?

Work from home in quarantine means being more digitally connected, an increase in streaming, using more devices, and more people using the home network. While telework can enhance operational efficiency, promote program goals, enriche the quality of work and life, and provide for a better balance of work and personal responsibilities, it does come with costs. With the shift to remote work, your home is now the office. Which means the scope of company IT and cybersecurity just expanded into the living room of every remote employee. The importance of home infosec goes way up.

With personal devices blending in with the work experience, cybersecurity has become a must-have both personally and professionally. So, as businesses shift to the remote workforce adjustments, it’s time to ditch traditional perks like ping-pong tables, bean bags, and team lunches to appeal to employee interests today. Instead, offer the personal cybersecurity to your employees and their families so their data, privacy, and information can be protected.

When it comes to protecting your remote workforce, there is a tension between the need for security and the need for privacy in our personal worlds. People don’t want their employer to monitor what they do or where they web-browse on their personal time or on their personal devices. And because it’s impossible to perfectly segment our work and personal worlds, the answer is that both need protection.

One way to offer cybersecurity as an employee benefit is by offering Rubica, personal security made for people. The app works on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac and can be used for personal and business needs. Rubica is specifically built for usability, personal privacy, and mobility. With Rubica, you don’t have to choose between advanced security and personal privacy. We ensure advanced threat protection for your company that’s easy to use, protects personal browsing, and is compatible with how people use their devices and engage with their digital world.

Ready to differentiate your employee benefits and offer something people actually need?

Up until now, remote work has been a benefit. Now it’s time to set up benefits for our remote workforce. Some businesses are doing virtual happy hours, online cooking classes, DIY projects together, and even video gaming together. What is the link? Being connected virtually via their devices.

Now it’s time to offer benefits to protect our remote workers and their families so they can have peace of mind as their digital time increases.

About the Author

Seasoned technology executive, Emily Carrion is Chief Marketing Officer of Rubica, a high-growth company bringing advanced cybersecurity protection to mobile devices and remote working professionals. Rubica is the first consumer-friendly but enterprise-grade cybersecurity product mobile-first and privacy-first. She’s also an investor, start-up advisor and sits on the Board of Seattle University’s Entrepreneurship Center.

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