Angelica PatlánBy Angelica Patlán

Imagine someone coming up to you and asking about your HR brand. If you're wondering what that is... 

An HR/People Brand is:

  1. What people say about HR when they’re not around
  2. What people think when they see an email or screen-name pop up
  3. What people feel when they see HR walking towards them
  4. How people see HR during their time with the organization

It is important because it can make or break the workforce's trust with HR.

If people only see, communicate, and interact with HR when they are being hired, disciplined, or fired:

That will not build trust.

When I was an employee, the HR/People brand I interacted with was rooted in those three actions. Now that I work in the HR/People space, I understand the impact that brand had on my interactions and trust level with HR.

The importance of developing and nurturing an HR/People Brand cannot be overstated.

This brand impacts you and your ability to connect with stakeholders at all levels.

So, how would you answer the question: What is your HR/People Brand?

About the Author

Angelica Patlán is an HR Coordinator for Assemble HR Consulting. She holds an M.S. in Human Resource Management and uses her nontraditional background (former 911 dispatcher) and Anthropology major to inform her HR approach. Each Saturday, Angelica and Tiffany Castagno co-moderate "Let's Talk HR" on Clubhouse at 11a PT / 2p ET. She currently resides in the Bay Area with her partner and two dogs. 

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