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As leaders, it's our duty to make sure we recognize not only big wins but also the little wins in the workplace. Whether it's an employee achieving a unique milestone or a team completing a major project, a leader has the responsibility in his/her role to understand what success looks like for each team member and to recognize that success through observation, positive feedback, and reward.

Recognizing individual and team success

Sometimes, it's easy to reflect on the big wins in business, for instance, hitting a quarterly sales goal or securing a major business transaction. However, the little wins can be recognized and presented simply by coming together as a team and discussing what accomplishments were achieved.

Through my experience as a leader within the HR and Recruiting space, I've learned to focus my efforts and contributions on employee success, both individually and collectively as a team. One of the key initiatives that I formulated and executed with my team was called "All Star Fridays," a day that not only wraps up the busy workweek before a well-deserved, restful weekend, but also a time for us to come together and talk about the wins that occurred during the week before heading home. The catch is that each team member is responsible to discuss his/her own wins and then collectively come up with what they felt the team's achievements were for the week based on what was mentioned.

Little wins can add up to a collective big win

During the first couple of meetings, I remember hearing things like, "We identified a candidate for X role" and, "We received a signed offer letter this week for our open executive position" -- initially all little, individual wins. But, as time went on, the little wins that were said became more prevalent and robust to the point that, when combined, became big, and most importantly, innovative and strategic wins. For example, "We filled over 10 positions in under 30 days and we were able to internally recruit over 90% of these active roles." I especially enjoyed hearing wins that showcased how employees felt when they completed a project that made them feel good, included, and aligned with their personal values and talents.

Setting the tone for inclusion and belonging

All Star Meetings help set the tone for the leader to better understand what key strengths and talents each employee has to bring to the table and promote an environment of inclusion and belonging. They also help the team take ownership of certain tasks and projects that suit each member's purpose and value within the department and in the organization. If the leader is successful in aligning organizational goals with an individual's gifts and passions, then the employee will be empowered to achieve wins that will be remembered for a long time.

So, what are your wins this week?

About the Author

Phillip Davis is a dedicated and empathetic HR & Talent Acquisition leader with 10+ years of experience creating and improving business initiatives, enhancing operations, and building results-driven teams in dynamic startup, SMB, and large enterprise organizations. He is a proven people leader with demonstrated success increasing productivity and reducing costs across multiple business units. He is highly adaptable to a wide variety of industries in national and international environments.

Phillip's strategy focuses on delivering a “People 1st” workforce initiative that revolves around passions for teamwork, inclusion, integrity, and employee development. You can follow Phillip's inspirational content around networking, community, and Recruiting at #FulPhillment.

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