We're excited about this newly released Anti-Racist HR Guidebook from Swarm Strategy and Work In Progress Consulting. The mission of the guidebook is to help people leaders begin the process of re-centering “humanity" in Human Resources, and we're here for it!

Anti-Racist HR Guidebook Development

The Anti-Racist HR Guidebook was created to support people leaders in their journeys to center marginalized people, prioritize accessibility, and become actively anti-racist in the workplace.

The guidebook was created over the course of 7 months by a diverse group of People Leaders and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion professionals. The team used a collaborative process rooted in anti-racism to develop the guidebook and its policy principles.

Actionable Tools and Resources

  • Innovative, inclusive HR policy examples (including language and templates!)
  • Trauma-Informed best practices for the workplace
  • Tools and Resources to become an inclusive, people leader

Learn More, and Purchase the Guidebook

When you buy The Anti-Racist HR Guidebook you are directly supporting Black, queer and transgender professionals and the payment of reparations via Reparations Now Cleveland.

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