Antisha WalleyBy Antisha Walley (she/her)

What are your thoughts on a hub for HR hopefuls where recent or soon to be HR graduates can work for an HR company that will provide them with the training AND experience they need to become better positioned for HR positions that require experience?

This could also be for people transitioning from one career to another. Do you think this could be a game-changer for HR? Would you be willing to help the hub develop and grow?

Let me know. They don't call me the unicorn for nothing.

About the author

Antisha Walley is an Air Force Veteran and HR professional turned entrepreneur. She is President of Make the Change, LLC, a woman owned and solution-focused human resources consultancy. Antisha brings over 10 years of experience in employee relations, change management, organizational development, conflict resolution, workers' compensation, recruitment and training, benefits and compensation, and implementing best practices to assist employers with motivating personnel to achieve peak performance.

As a champion of new HR approaches that truly fulfill employees and grow businesses, Antisha is a bit of a unicorn. As a mom above anything in this professional world, she also values work-life balance.

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